Mission, Save Colorado

Our primary mission is to educate the people of Colorado on the realities of COVID-19 and highlight the differences between our government’s actions and narrative, and the facts as established by science and medicine. We are a non-partisan organization and we stand against any candidate or official, Republican or Democrat, that insists on exaggerating the impact of COVID-19 and refuses to disavow the Governor’s destruction of the economy, our children’s education system and the quality of life we have always enjoyed as a free people here in Colorado.

As you look through the statistics we provide on the COVID-19 “pandemic” you will see that not only is COVID-19 not nearly as deadly as the seasonal flu, but upwards 80-90% of people exposed to it are either completely unaffected or exhibit only mild flu-like symptoms. Only 4-5% of actual infections are impacted severely by COVID-19, nearly all of which had already been affected by severe underlying conditions. Never before in history has there been such an irrational push for otherwise healthy individuals to get tested for a disease, isolate from others, and wear completely ineffective facial barriers to protect from a virus that has a proven survival rate of over 99.5%. This is the definition of madness, perpetuated by politicians, not physicians.

The COVID-19 death rate has been determined to be approximately .02%, whereas influenza has a death rate on average of .1% or greater. Despite medical professionals around the world continually presenting a growing body of literature highlighting the evidence that COVID-19 results in a mortality rate which is just a fraction of the mortality rate of the typical flu, Governor Jared Polis has issued grossly unlawful executive orders locking us in our homes, mandating we wear non-effective ppe gear in the form of masks, and has caused irreparable damage to the Colorado small business community and the state economy as a whole. The most recent extension of Polis’ mask mandate in October came as the projected death rate in Colorado hovered at .7 people per day or 255 people per year. To put that in perspective, over 3000 Coloradans die every year from lower respiratory infections and the flu, yet Polis is content to destroy the very fabric of Colorado’s economy to save 255 people per year, 87% of those individuals being over the age of 65.

We find this to be wholly unacceptable, as well as an egregious overstepping and unlawful seizure of our civil liberties. Jared Polis and his government have gone along with the medically unsubstantiated fear tactics put forth by the CDC, and has instituted emergency policies that are overly intrusive, absolutely unenforceable, and without any expiration or deadlines. We are under the complete control of a sycophantic tyrant who has usurped our legislature and refuses to acknowledge what the data has been telling us for months; that there is no pandemic and that there likely never was.

On our ‘Take Action’ page, we have organized the contact data for all of our state and federal representatives, as well as contact information for the largest corporations in the state that are discriminating against healthy Coloradans by refusing services to those not wearing a mask. Please take the time to review the data we have provided which comes almost entirely from the CDC website. If you are tired of living in fear and having your every move restricted by unlawful and irrational executive orders, please reach out to your local representative and demand an end to what will come to be known as the darkest time in our state’s history. It is not too late to save Colorado. Thank you.