AstraZeneca Vaccine Rushed In UK -EU Watchdog Says Not So Fast!, Save Colorado

AstraZeneca Vaccine Rushed In UK -EU Watchdog Says Not So Fast!

So while Boris Johnson was busy ushering in the era of the vaccine craze with AstraZeneca’s new COVID-19 miracle cure, European watchdog organization says EU approval any time soon is unlikely.

According to Reuters,

Britain on Wednesday became the first country to approve the coronavirus vaccine developed by Oxford University and AstraZeneca, hoping that rapid action will help it stem a record surge of infections driven by a highly contagious form of the virus.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s government, which has ordered 100 million doses, had already fast-tracked approval of a vaccine developed by Pfizer and Germany’s BioNTech, and administered hundreds of thousands of shots weeks ahead of European Union countries and the United States.

Though cheaper and easier to distribute than rival vaccines, the AstraZeneca/Oxford shot has been plagued with questions about its most effective dosage ever since data published last month showed some surprising results.

So at the same time that Boris Johnson is fast-tracking this Astra/Oxford COVID-19 vaccine, EU regulators were seemingly unaware of the company’s efforts to bring the vaccine to the EU.

AMSTERDAM (Reuters) – The European Medicines Authority (EMA) will most likely not be able to approve the COVID-19 vaccine developed by drug maker AstraZeneca and the University of Oxford in January, the watchdog’s Deputy Executive Director Noel Wathion said.

“They have not even filed an application with us yet”, Wathion said in an interview with Belgian newspaper Het Nieuwsblad published on Tuesday.

European regulators have only received some information about the vaccine, Wathion said.

“Not even enough to warrant a conditional marketing licence”, he said. “We need additional data about the quality of the vaccine. And after that, the company has to formally apply.”

This made it “improbable” that an approval could already be granted next month, Wathion said.

So it appears that there is a public health coup occurring right before our eyes. How long do you think it will be before the drug manufacturers cut the regulators and watchdogs out of the loop completely? I think we are seeing this happen right under our noses. How can we ever trust a drug from a company intent on cutting out the very organizations charged with overseeing our public health and safety?

It is a sad day for democracy, choice and any concept we ever had of freedom. The egregious overstepping of the drug companies and lock step endorsement by the governments of the world mark a turn for the worse in the decline of modern civilization.

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